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Buying a home can be one of your most significant investments in life. The object of this page is to show how we will assist you in making an intelligent and informed decision.  At WASATCH we are dedicated to helping you find the right home at the right price, matching your needs and wants with your budget.  As part of an expanded line of services for our clients, we help you determine the true comparative value of your purchase by investigating and estimating the financial impact of the key factors noted below.

Price – the purchase price of the home should reflect its true market value and can be influenced by a buyer who is informed, qualified, and ready to act.

Pre-qualification – we'll help you get pre-qualified within a day and know how much you can affort so that you can negotiate with confidence.

Location – while feeling comfortable in new surroundings is a key consideration, there are also important financial considerations to location.  One is the location’s impact on home appreciation and resale values.  Another is the value associated with location in terms of convenience to work, schools, shopping and other places of interest.  Transporation costs should be a consideration as well as the value of your time.

Resale/Appreciation – many factors including location, the quality of construction, curb appeal, contemporary features, amenities and the layout of the home will have an impact on appreciation and its future value.

Maintenance – the condition of the home, the age of appliances and equipment, and the quality of construction will have a bearing on future maintenance costs.

Heating and Cooling Equipment Efficiency – furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners vary widely in efficiency and should be evaluated in terms of their impact on utility costs.

Home insulation values – insulation values in walls, attics and windows will impact your utility costs, winter and summer.

Utility rates – water, sewer, waste collection, electricity and natural gas rates are not always the same and should be known in advance.

Taxes – tax rates can vary based on the location of the home and impact the total monthly payment.

Remodeling needs – if remodeling or extensive landscaping will be needed in the short term, these cost should be understood and financing options considered.  We can help you with cost estimates and ideas on financing improvements.

Financing – interest rates, closing costs, down payments, length of the loan, mortgage insurance are all factors in your monthly payment calculation and reducing the total cost of the home.

Storage – having adequate storage capacity will reduce or eliminate secondary storage unit costs.

As your home buying agent, we’ll do the work to evaluate and quantify these factors to determine the true cost of home ownership as a very important part of your home buying decision.  We’ll be responsive to your needs, search the market, pre-qualify per your instructions, and act quickly to find the right match for you.



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